Hi, everyone

This is by far the first learning project I did by myself. It has helped me grow musically and intellectually. Sure, I had my ups and downs on the project, but I preserved through it all. As educators, it is often noted that we are required to help and support all student learning, so from this class, I was given encouragement from my fellow classmates and instructor. All the nice gestures through my week’s process have kept me going. I”m ever so thankful to have such great support from all you….

The learning project that I wanted to discover was playing the Native American flute. Soon, as Katia announced that were are required to self-teach ourselves on a learning project. I instantly thought of the “Flute”. There so many options to think and choose from, but liked the thought that I can easily carry this instrument around to wherever I wanted to go and that I did! It was easy to carry around when I went for weekend trips to the lake, sitting by the lakefront, I was able to learn and play the flute. I enjoyed the perfect scenery and enjoyed the sound of the flute (think my kids may have liked it too, haha). Overall, I am glad to have taken on this task of learning to play the flute.

In the beginning, I could not play the flute, as mentioned in my first blog (The learning project intro), I made this flute from the another class as a class project but played only a few songs. I was never taught how to play it in-depth, we just picked it up and followed out instructor as a part of a class discussion. From then on I was always wanted to learn and play new songs but didn’t get a chance to do so. With the ECMP 355 class, I was able to pick up the flute and learn myself, so that was a bonus itself especially when you would be marked on it. 🙂

Here is a quick recap of my learning project blog posts:

Learning Project Intro

  • First blog post
  • Picking of a learning project
  • Native American Flute

Learning project “Flute” – 1st video

  • First YouTube video
  • Twinkle Twinkle little star
  • Slowly learning

Researching of the Indigenous Northern Spirit Flute

  • Finger positions
  • Description of a flute
  • Beginner lesson for flute players

Sneak peek at Amazing Grace

  • learning how to play amazing grace
  • using YouTube to enhance my skills
  • listening to other flute players

Slowly but surely

  • difficulties in playing
  • woven scale exercises
  • capacity and control

The Amazing Race

  • following Northern spirits flute
  • tricky 5th hole covering
  • practicing finger hole placements

Finally – Amazing Grace

  • YouTube video’s
  • breathing and finger hole placement practice
  • making sounds with the flute

In conclusion, I have to say that I’m very proud of myself with this learning project. From not knowing much about the Native American flute to knowing a lot then I have a few months ago. I mean I’m not the best player, but at least I try. I have to give technology a few claps as the internet has really helped in this project. I was able to find useful tutorials on YouTube, helpful flute sites, pictures and description of a flute and so much more. I believe If we didnt have the technology as we do today, it would make our lives a little less longer (if that makes sense). I’m happy with the results and I hope that you are too. With that, It has been a busy 2 months, so I hope you enjoy your summer. Take care.

Thanks for reading,