Hi, everyone

Thanks for joining in. Today, I will discuss my journey progress on how I contributed to others learning in the ECMP 355 class. I will show evidence of screenshots and how I helped students with resources, questions, and or answers. I tried my best to keep up with all the ECMP 355 students Tweets, EMCP 355 weekly blogs, and weekly learning project blogs. So, with that here is a quick glimpse of the types of evidence to which I contributed:

  • Commenting on classmates blogs: ECMP 355 and learning project weekly posts
  • Interacting with others on Twitter: Twitter chats and sharing classroom resources
  • Interacting with others on Google Plus: answering some of the questions, and showing them classroom resources

Classroom blogs: In the EMCP 355 blog posts and project learning posts, I want to acknowledge all the hard work and dedication that everyone contributed to this class. Hard work does pay off, and it definitely shows through all the posts. Here are few screenshots of the earliest posts, middle to most recent;

Twitter: Twitter is the best way to interact with people, it is easy to follow, new posts are constantly being uploaded. With the people I am following, I sure I helped some with educational resources and up to date news. Here are few screenshots of some;

Google Plus: Google Plus was a great interacting tool. I noticed when students had questions about certain programs, they received feedback instantly. I found that to a to be a great team effort. Here just a few ways to which I contributed:


Overall, whether it was helping students with classroom resources to commenting on thier blogs posts, I sure hope I made a difference in thier learning. I am thankful for all the help I recived in this class.

Thanks for reading,