Hi, everyone 

This is my wrap-up post for my Summary of Learning for ECMP 355 class. This is by far the greatest year so far, bittersweet as this is my last class of finishing up my Degree in BEd program…. (If I pass all 3x summer classes…haha).First, I would like to thank Katia and my fellow classmates for giving me the opportunity to learn with you this semester. There was so much I learned in this class, it certainly gave me confidence and a better understanding of how to teach Digital literacy in my future classrooms. I am sure my Grade 3 students this fall would love to learn about digital identity, digital citizenship, and digital literacy. There is so much to teach them in regards to cybersafety, cyberbullying, identity, loss of privacy, and all the fun games they can learn in a classroom. So with that, I would like to thank everyone for making this semester a fun and exciting year.

This is my summary of learning project:

In this video, I used:




& the Internet, computer, and my cell phone.

My children Jo-Rain 12, Christopher 11, and Anastasia 5 really love making videos, so I gave them the opportunity to help me in my summary of learning project. They were excited and enjoyed the family time in this project together.

Also, if some of you would like, there are lesson plans and or units on my WordPress, be sure to check it out. (Should be adding more, once things so down).