Hello, Everyone

Glad you can join me. Sad to say that this ‘Learning Project’ is coming to end. This is my 2nd last posting for ECMP 355. These past two weeks have been super busy, 3x online classes consist of a lot of reading, writing, assignments, and long hours. Summer here yet? Haha kidding.

I have been trying out many sounds the past week… working on my breathing and placing of finger hole positions. Here is a video I just uploaded:


Anywho, some of you were waiting for me tp play the Amazing Grace song. So here it is: (Short Version)

I have to warn you, I am not a pro…..


Next blog on Learning project will be the wrap-up post….Stay tuned for the last posting

Photo Credit: giusorti Flickr via Compfight cc

I sure like to get one of these beauties ^^^^