Here is a variety of lessons for Grade 2


Lesson 1 Make your New Year Toast - Art Education 
Lesson 2 Making Words - ELA 
Lesson 3 Spelling Test - ELA 
Lesson 4 Word wall - ELA 
Lesson 5 Greater, less and equal to - Math
Lesson 6 Tipi teachings cleanliness- ELA
Lesson 7 Journal writing - ELA
Lesson 8 Greater, less and equal to - Math
Lesson 9 - Worms eye view of a snowman -Art Education
Lesson 10 Solids and Liquids - Science
Groundhog art predication sheet
Lesson 11 Tipi teachings - ELA
Lesson 12 Word wall - ELA
Lesson 13 Tipi teachings - ELA
Lesson 14 Making Words - ELA
Lesson 15 Word family-ELA
Lesson 16 Count & Compare - Math
Lesson 17 Groundhog-ELA
Lesson 18 Count & Compare - Math
Lesson 19 Spelling Test - ELA
Lesson 20 Groundhog-Art
Cloze sentence worksheet for lesson 22
ELA Bingo squared sheet high frequency words
Lesson 21 Word wall - ELA
Lesson 22 Cloze sentences - ELA
Lesson 23 Valentine Day Deductive - ELA
Lesson 24 First Plane Trip - ELA
Pictures for Valentine Day for lesson 23
Lesson 25 Valentine crown - Arts ed
Lesson 26 Valentine Name banner - Arts ed
Lesson 27 Weaving heart basket - Arts Ed
Lesson 28 Math_St math
Lesson 29 Arts Ed_Just Dance
Small shamrocks template
St. Patrick's Day Coloring Booklet
Storymap sheet
Hide and Seek matching worksheet 
SayItFirst Book
Grade 2 Social studies test on celebrations and traditions
lesson 30_Mothers secret_ELA_
Lesson 31_Easter bunny paper plate_Art
Lesson 32_Celebration and traditions Unit test
Lesson 33_four basic food groups
Lesson 34_healthy and unhealthy foods
Parts of a flower
Lesson # 35_Art_rainy day paper umbrella
lesson 36_Emma's easter egg hunt_ELA_
Lesson 37_What is a Treaty_Social
Lesson 38_St math_Math
Lesson 39_exploring foods_health
lesson 40_exploring treaties_social
Lesson 41_Making words_ELA
Lesson 42_tally marks_math
Lesson 43_Math test_math