Hi everyone

This is another blog about my learning project on the ‘flute’. The Amazing Race title relates to me racing to the finish line to completing the song that I will be playing in my very very last blog (Amazing Grace). So stayed tune. So in saying so, I still have been working on the finger positions on the flute holes. It’s pretty tricky to cover the 5th hole with my right ring finger, just doesn’t want to bend the way I like it to. So I have been practicing with that finger placement and it’s slowly coming along.

I still like following the ‘Northern Spirits Flute‘ website, it has a lot of free downloadable songs, how to get started videos, YouTube videos, just great resources that I like. This is site is very helpful, and I”m still searching for more that give great resources. If you happen to come across a great site, please feel free to add a comment below. Thank you