Hi, everyone

This week learning was about coding. At first, I had no idea what coding was, I didn’t know what it did and why it can be important. So, I had an option to pick a topic and blog about it. I choose the “Scratch project”. After trying out the game online, you first have to create and account and found out that it’s free to join, so that was a bonus, don’t you think?. When I got that all setup, the first scratch project was a bit tricky, I had to learn about the motion, looks, sounds, controls, events, sensing and operators. When figuring out these steps, it was way easier to apply.

Scratch can be used by educators, parents, and can be useful for students within your classroom. I may be looking at this during the coming year with my students, I think it can benefit them technical. First, I think it may be a little hard and may take a few lessons for students to grasp at the content but students are so technically smart, I’m sure they will get the hang of it right away.

Looking at the examples on the scratch website, helped me get a better understanding of how it works. It’s amazing how student examples (also known as ‘Starter Projects‘) are so cute and creative.

Furthermore, I enjoyed looking and playing around with Scratch. I think it’s important for kids to explore these options because it helps and offers students to ‘interact’ with activities and games. It helps them with their reading skills, writing skills, and cognitive thinking.