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In this weeks learning, we discussed topics on digital identity, digital citizenship, and digital literacy. All the topics are very interesting, I like to discuss my thoughts on the videos that I watched for this blog: The Fifth Estate Video, Doc Zone Video, Ted Talks – “One Tweet Can Ruin Your Life” by Jon Ronson and The Price of Shame by Monica Lewinsky. Many of these videos discuss how people are “being harassed”, “public shaming”, “culturally humiliated”, and “cyberbullied”. The people that are being broadcasted over the internet are through many social networks. I learned that some people that are tweeting inappropriate things at times, posting pictures and sending them to the wrong person that can easily share these photos to anyone to their liking. This happened to a young girl that posted a photo of herself that would then be used to “blackmail” her into posting more private photos of herself, this was called “Sextortion” that was broadcasted all over the internet. It really opened my eyes how this sort of stuff happens, and as future teachers, we need to find ways to show students the safety and precautions of such things. In Monica Lewinsky’s video, she states; “stealing of people’s private words, actions, conservations or photos and then making them public without context and public without compassion” (8:40). This is a strong statement that she talked about, I realized that if one sends a picture where they only want that certain person to see, but ends up being sent to everyone because they can easily take a snapshot of it and then they send it to whoever they want. Isn’t this just frightening? Doesn’t this just make your bones shiver? I found this very disturbing, and scary. 

I enjoyed learning about digital identity, digital citizenship, and digital literacy, I  learned a lot more then I did a few days ago. It sure opened my eyes to teaching and making students aware of things that can happen in today’s technical world. To further my review, I searched more on the topics of cyberbullying and found two articles that really helped get a better understanding of cyberbullying and how it happens in the tech world today. Cyberbullying and 15 Strategies Educators Can Use Stop Cyberbullying. Have a look at the articles, guaranteed you will learn a little something because it sure helped me.  

This photo pretty much says it all…

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