Hello, everyone

So far, this has been the most difficult song to play on the flute – ‘Amazing Grace’. So, for the rest of the week,  I’ve decided to train my fingers to hold the holes without air escaping. I’m blowing lightly through the mouthpiece and listening to difference sounds it makes when doing so.  I practice and tried the ‘woven scale exercise‘, this really helped me exercise my breathing and covering the finger holes. I learned that you have to use your gut when breathing into the mouthpiece, this was very helpful. It sure made the sound much better. Here is the link I found very useful for my breathing and control: “It’s simple, there are the two C’s of breathing for the flute: Capacity and Control“.

Furthermore, when beginning this project I thought this would be an easy project to play. NOPE! I was wrong..haha, the flute may sound and look easy to play but found out there is so much to learn. In saying so, please bare with me in the last 3 weeks of the class ECMP 355.

Will post ‘Amazing Grace’ soon,,,,


Wooden scale exercise short video: