Hi, everyone

Today my lesson was to search and find any information on someone or in other words “cybersleuth” someone. My partner for this project is Bailie Shindle, we both agreed to look and see what we can find about each other and then blog about our experience.

At first, I wasn’t too sure about her name (lol) she had two different names, the first one I was searching for was ‘Bailie Derek’ which is her name on Google +, then after realizing her real name is ‘Bailie Shindle’ after searching under ‘Voices of ECMP 355’. So, that was the first thing I had trouble on. Then, when realizing her real name, I started searching her on Google. In Google I was able to find:

Social Network:

-Twitter account:  @BailieShindle 

  • Through her Twitter, I was able to get a glimpse of her: Farm wife, motivator, teacher, hunter, and outdoor lover.

-YouTube Videos: 6 videos in total

-Facebook account: Bailie Shindle This wasn’t on Google, but it leads me to her when she made a post on ‘Lakeland College Lloydminster’ on Septemeber and August of 2016.

  • In her Facebook I was able to find out: who she was married to, view and was able to share her Facebook photos (lovely wedding pictures btw), where she studied and the college she attended, where she previously worked, what school she went to as a youth, and where she lived and resides now. (How creepy is that? All with Facebook, I am able to peek into her social life. To me, that is kinda of scary, because you never know who could be cyber sleuthing you. Someone can easily use your info and share with others, or creep on your photos). This is definitely an eye opener for me, I may have to change my settings on my Facebook, that way no-one can look at my profile unless we are friends. But for sure am going to double check my settings).

-WordPress: Mrs. Bailie Shindle

-Volunteer experiences: Campaign for Big Brothers Regina

-Education News: Student Success Celebrated   

Furthermore, after cyber sleuthing Bailie, I was amazed how much the worldwide web can peek/expose so much of someone. One has to learn about ‘Cyber Safely’ when making accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, Snap Chat, etc. One has to watch what they say and has to be careful in what is being posted or blogged about. Someone can take it offensively, racist, and or take it personally. So being cyber safely, this can lead you not to expose yourself for the world to see. Overall, I found this lesson/assignment very helpful, and has me thinking of what Bailie found of me? (lol).

I like this photo, it fits into what the assignment is about:

Photo Credit: One Way Stock Flickr via Compfight cc