Hi, everyone

I have been learning how to play the Amazing Grace song on the flute, and still can’t seem to grasp it. I hope to have the song up on my YouTube Channel by the end of this week. I really like the sound of it and wish to play softly like this guy (Big dreams!), how did it sound to you? Simply beautiful isn’t it?

Here are the notes that I follow when playing and not looking at the camera, because I know I would like to know what’s behind that camera…so here you go….haha

Furthermore, I think it’s coming along nicely, but I know that it can sound way better. At first, I was following this guy playing the flute, but he had different hand movements then what I was following. I found that the picture above worked better for me, so I plan to stick with the flute notes for this song.

Here is a sneak peak at the Amazing Grace Song……


Sorry about the audio. I am going to have to watch out for the next video.