Hello everyone

Welcome back or if you’re just checking in, thanks for joining in. What does the new culture mean to me through and in the classroom? As Micheal Welsh on the YouTube video and Alec on the video chat on zoom, they both describe technology is changing rapidly. There are many channels that are broadcasting through the world wide web. For instance, there are so much ‘Global Connections’ out there such as ‘YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Digg etc.’, where one can use for themselves and or for a teacher to guide them into teaching lessons and or units. As for me being a future teacher, I would certainly be using the world wide web, in fact, many of my ideas come from the world wide web. To name a few sites I use are; TeacherPayTeachers.com, superteachersworksheets.com, Pinterest, Education.com, and more fulfilled sites to help and guide me into being a successful teacher. Within these sites, there are certain ones that lead you to a teacher’s blog, filled with wonderful ‘freebies’ and ‘downloads’ to help you on a journey into the teaching world (teachers and schools in general). As Mr.Welsh says in the video: “A celebration of new unimaginable possibly”, and “transcreation through space and time”, also when Alec states: “through participation and collaboration”,  all are meaningful statements because really, the world wide web and the new culture is remarkable and forever life changing.

Photo Credit: superkimbo Flickr via Compfight cc