FluteWelcome back, everyone

Many of you are probably ‘itchy’ to what I am playing next on the ‘FLUTE’…did I guess right? Well sadly, this week I won’t be playing the flute, but wait! I will in my next blog post/upload, so stay tuned. Overall, I like to play for you and I know you like to listen to the sweet sound of a flute.

This week I’ve been really looking for a site that can help me learn the notes on how to play, I came across a youtube video ‘How to Play Native American Flute Beginner Lesson‘, if you want, have a look. I found this video mentioned above to help me quite a bit. During the video, I was fooling around with the fingering holes on the flute and was making all sorts of sounds, it was pretty fascinated on how a small instrument can make a beautiful sound. I also learned that I am not to blow too hard through the mouthpiece, as it only needs a soft blow to make a sound come out. Have a full look at the description of a flute here. Overall, I’m still learning the basics for the flute, so in my next blog, I will play you a little tune.

Here is a picture of a couple flutes that I admire:

Photo Credit: wplynn Flickr via Compfight cc