Hello, everyone

After searching what Prezi was about, I learned that it is a great presentation tool, kind of like a ‘Powerpoint presentation’. It is “designed for people who aren’t designers”. Prezi allows you to customize your own presentations, it also has tons of built in templates as well.

In Prezi, I found that it has a pricing tab for you to choose from; you have your basic, individual and teams tab. Under the basic tab, it allows you to “Create, share, and store beautiful presentations online that anyone can view”. Also, it has the plus tab which allows “Everything you get with Basic, plus privacy control, your own branding, and offline access to your work”. If you are not following me, have a look at the ‘pricing tab’ above or click here: Basic, individual, and teams.

Getting started on Prezi, you have to create an account which includes you entering your email, a password, first and last name. It will ask you how they can better your experience, then you simply click what fits best for you: this includes student, teacher, business, etc, then leads you right to your homepage. This homepage allows you to store all your presentations in one area, this is under ‘Presentation Documents’, you can also “dress up your presentations with beautiful infographics, charts, and maps”. Before you begin and get started on your first Prezi, there is a video to help you navigate through how Prezi works.

There are some weaknesses and strengths that I found while exploring Prezi. In the weakness area, when you decide to share your Prezi presentation, everyone can view it, it stays on there until you take it and delete it. Another thing I found is when you want to show this presentation it needs the internet to play your presentation. What if one day, you are trying to show students this Prezi presentation and the internet decides to be slow or not working at all, one will have to have a plan B. The strengths I found are;

  1. They have a mobile app
  2. Has a language category
  3. keeps all your presentations all in one place
  4. Offers training with a built-in tab under ‘workshops & training’
  5. You can join live sessions
  6. You can show your students a presentation under a specific area they are learning about ex: science – rocks & minerals, plants & animals, etc.

Overall, Prezi can be a great tool to have if you are student-teacher, teacher, or in business. This allows you to have a great and neat presentation. I wish I knew about Prezi during my in class sessions. I’m pretty sure I would have received extra bonus marks…haha

Thanks for reading,

I’ve created an account, this is how the homepage looks: