Hello everyone,

As some of you already know, or just checking in: I have been looking at how people set up their Twitter accounts. All the neat things to make your profile is excellent. I am a beginner at this, so my progress and tweets are lagging a bit, but only for now! Wait till I learn more on how to tweet and what it can do for me educationally. A question was asked about how I can use Twitter in the classroom? So, I’ve been researching and found that this could be a great way to connect with family members of the students in your class. As a future teacher, I can add photos of major projects and or any projects they have done throughout the year, I’m sure the parents/guardians would love to see their children’s progress. I believe connecting with parents and or guardians is very important, so with some sort of connection, it is wise to do so instead of nothing at all.

Another question was asked about my experience in the Saskedchat, and I have to say it was a great experience. It was nice to connect with others and was awesome to look at others point of views with the questions that were asked. It helps me learn more as a future educator, and with the messages sent to me, I was able to check out some of other chats listed. This was very helpful and hope to be doing more chats in the near future.

Photo Credit: technovore Flickr via Compfight cc