Hello everyone,

In my ECMP 355 Spring of 2017 class, one of the assignments is called the Learning Project. In this project, I am to choose anything that’s of interest and that I can learn to do on my own. NOW….with this project I chose to self-teach myself how to play the flute. I  really like the sound it makes and wishing by the end of this course, I will have spent enough hours on it to play more than a few songs. In the last weeks of this class (June 2017),  I hope to make a video and show you the progress I have made since now! (May 18th, 2017). Now what’s really interesting is, that I have made this flute (prepared the holes in the stick, attached and glue the pieces together, and tied the leather string to seal it in place) in a class about two years ago and kept it since. I have been really wanting to play, and now is my chance to do so. I hope you enjoy.

The beginning of new things….