Hello everyone,

I was asked to join Feedly http://www.Feedly.com as part of my class. Again what a useful tool to have nearby, I am for sure going to be bookmarking this. On the Feedly website, I used the search button to find useful things that I want to see and learn from. I came across a lot, and I’m sure I took more than an hour searching for things that I was interested in. Here is a screen shot of one of the sites am following:

This particular blog I am following says “Classroom freebies”, that was eye catching when I came across this. I found this helpful because it gives teachers some ideas on what to teach in the classroom. Then, when searching for more classroom ideas it linked me to other people’s blogs which I found helpful, especially when all you want to look for is “freebie” worksheets and or ideas. Like really who doesn’t like free stuff?? haha