Hello, and welcome to my intro blog post

I am Arlene Bird from Montreal Lake Cree Nation, which is about 1 hour heading North from Prince Albert. I moved to Prince Albert about 4 years ago to pursue a degree in the BEd (IndEd) Elementary Program at First Nations Univerity of Canada. I am taking my last 3 classes this Spring 2017 term and proudly announce that I will have completed the BEd program. I have 3 wonderful children, one boy by the name of Christopher age 11, and two girls by the names of Anastasia age 5, and Jo-Rain age 12. I am engaged to Neil, who I call my better half, soon to be married next year. I am a friendly person once you get to know me, first I may be shy, but once you spend enough time with me, I can talk…haha (Beware). I enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, and gardening once I get the chance, I get out there and GO!

This is my first time ever to have made a blog post! I am very new at this, and it is very engaging. So far, I have been researching on how to blog, learning how to make categories, and making individual pages, as well learning from the ECMP 355 class questions and answers. I am really looking forward to bettering myself with technology. So with that, I am glad to be part of the ECMP 355 Spring 2017 team! Let’s give this a GO!

I am very excited for the learning project for ECMP 355 Class. I will give you a hint: it sounds beautiful…What Am I? haha, You can follow me to see what my learning project is: https://arlenebird.wordpress.com/category/learning-project/ (Going, to be honest with you, have not uploaded anything yet, but I will in the coming week).

Also if you like, follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/ArleneDBird1?lang=en (@ArleneDBird1)

Thanks for reading,